6 IN 1 EMS Ultrasonic Cavitation Galvanic Ion Face Body Slimming Beauty Machine Tens Anti Cellulite Massage Acupuncture Therapy

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Ultrasonic Dissolving Fat

Positive Ion Leading-In 

Negative Ion Leading-Out

Red Light Activating Cells

Blue Light Firming and Tightening 

EMS Massage and Slimming

1. Ultrasonic massage and slimming function

Ultrasonic can improve the permeability of cytomembrane, to change the anaerobic condition of cells, enhance the absorption ability of cells, activate the cells energy.

2. LED renew skin function

Blue light: 455-470nm, blue light has calm and anti-acne effect, it can adjust sebum secretion condition. In addition, blue light also improve flabby skin, to accomplish tightening and firming skin.

Red light: 620-630nm, red light can stimulate fibroblast of corium layer, accelerate the blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, remove wrinkles.

3. EMS pads smooth channels function.

EMS is a physiotherapy which has a good effect to body. EMS can stimulate the acupuncture points, activate the energy, so to regulate the inside body.

4. Magic gloves massage and care body function

Electrode gloves can improve body circulation and the absorption ability of cells. At the same time, it can care hand. So it can slimming and care your body at the same time.

5. Positive ions leading out cleaning function

Most dirt, oil and cosmetics residue have negative ions, so the positive ions of the massage head will suck the residue out, so to clean the skin deeply.

6. Negative ions, leading in nutrition

Daily care products’ nutrition mostly only get to epidermal layer, 6 in 1 beauty machine has negative ions can combine with skin cells’ positive ions, to send the nutrition to skin, so to accomplish deep nutrient effect.


1. Use high quality stainless steel probes, polishing process surface.

2. Ultrasonic 1million per second, perfect atomization effect.

3. LED strong power lamp, obvious phototherapy effect.

4. Smooth margin design of probes, more convenient to touch difficult area like nose and around eyes.

5. Multi- functional operate panel, three levels, EMS 5 modes, humanization design.

6. Electrode silver fiber gloves, shaping body and improve circulation.

7. EMS pads has micro current stimulation, connect channels and accomplish massage and shaping body.

8. Safe power supply, comfortable and safe, make sure the machine has a better effect.

Package Includes:

1 x 6 in 1 Machine,   1 Pair EMS Gloves,  1 x Goggle,  1 x Power Adapter,

2 Pairs EMS Pads,   1 x EMS wire,    1 x User Manual, 1 x Original box

About plug/adapter:
This Machine have: US Plug, Europen Plug
If you need 
Australia/Italy/Uk adapter
, we will send you an extra adapter.





Additional information


100-240V, 50-60Hz



Model Number

Massage BZ-0110B



Brand Name



Composite Material

Item Name

Ultrasound Cavitation Beauty Massager


Ultrasonic Cavitation, LED, Ion, EMS Tens Acupuncture Therapy

Power Supply

No Rechargeable

Function 1

Body Slimming, Anti Cellulite, Dissolve Fat, Weight Loss

Function 2

Detox, Anion Lead In, Skin Tighten, Lifting

Function 3

Acupoint Massage, Relax Muscle


Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Slimmming Machine


Tens Acupuncture Therapy

Ultrasonic frequency


Slimming Product

Gift for ladies,lovers who need beautiful and health skin


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